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The influence of the raw material of the sealing ring on the sealing characteristics

by:ORK      2022-10-24
The selection of sealing ring materials must be considered in all aspects, because the different characteristics of sealing ring materials have unknown effects on the tightness of the sealing ring. Therefore, the characteristics of the raw material of the sealing ring must be mainly paid attention to. 1. Resistance to media. The swelling level of the sealing ring in the medium is related to the quality of the sealing properties. Each different medium has different swelling of the rubber seal. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, it is necessary to fully consider which media must have which characteristics of rubber seals Seals can only ensure the sealing properties of hydraulic seals. 2. Tensile strength. As a skeleton seal of rubber material, the tensile strength usually decreases with the gradual increase of temperature. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, the maximum application temperature of hydraulic seals and the physical properties of hydraulic seals at the maximum temperature should be fully considered. Is it stable and reliable. 3. Strength. The strength of the sealing ring should be confirmed by the surface roughness of the raised surface. If the raised surface is less smooth, the strength of the hydraulic seal used should be low. Only in this way can the actual effect of sealing be eliminated. Where the sealing working pressure is high, the strength of the hydraulic seal should be moderately high, otherwise it will be squeezed by the high pressure. In addition to this, it should also be fully considered that the strength of the rubber seals seal decreases with the increase in temperature. 4. Wear resistance. The sealing properties of rubber seals are largely due to the wear resistance of the raw materials. If the wear resistance is good, the sealing properties will be fine, and the service life will be long; if the wear resistance is not good, the actual sealing effect will not be good. Well, the life of the application is short. 5. Permanent deformation characteristics. If the sealing ring is permanently deformed under long-term external force, the actual sealing effect is not very good. Therefore, when selecting raw materials, it should be fully considered that the permanent deformation of the rubber seal should be small, the ductility should be high, and the resilience working ability should be strong. 6. Heat resistance. The temperature of the sealing ring lies in the temperature of the sealing medium and the temperature increase of the hydraulic seal itself during the whole process of fitness exercise. The temperature immediately affects the quality of the sealing characteristics. Therefore, the rubber seals seals used for the production of hydraulic seals should have a wider range. High resistance and ultra-low temperature characteristics.
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