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The influencing factors of rubber seal is good or bad, DongSheng di seal tell you!

by:ORK      2020-07-31
Everyone know rubber seals seals play an important role in the mechanical equipment, seal good or bad will directly affect the equipment, but on the influencing factors of seal is good or bad might be a lot of people don't know, the following seals manufacturer to tell you! 1, the external pressure. This is an important main factor affecting the rubber seal is good or bad, high and low pressure, different levels of pressure cycle, damage there is a great influence on the seals. The higher the pressure, the factors that affect the seals, the greater the because it drives other sealing factors such as temperature, speed, packing materials, and seal the gap between the clearance between the piston and cylinder head. 2, temperature and friction. Under the conditions of the rubber seal material using high temperature and low temperature it is difficult to describe, because this is seal types comprehensive influence the result of a series of different factors. For the working temperature of piston and piston rod is different, separate to their specifications and conditions for the difference. Second seal product surface roughness, surface characteristics, pressure, medium and temperature, seal materials, and type of operation speed and these are the factors that affect the seals. 3, for processing on the surface of the rubber seals seal. Features on the surface of the cylinder piston and piston rod has a bigger influence on the life of the seal. Surface roughness RA value to define surface features, RA is the arithmetic mean surface shape deviates from the center line of absolute value. But some numerical cannot fully shows the effect of surface condition of seal, this is because even in the same roughness, different surface shape feature can lead to different to seal the wear degree of the seals. Above is the some factors influencing the rubber seals seal is good or bad, if you have other requirements on the performance of the seal, welcome contact seal, 17 years experience for your condition of seal design is suitable for you!
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