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The influencing factors of rubber seals shrinkage rate changes have?

by:ORK      2020-07-31
Shrinkage of rubber seal is not only related to the performance of the rubber itself, and also to have certain relations with the process of sulfide, so what are factors that result in the change of rubber seals shrinkage rate? 1. Injection pressure vulcanized rubber seals of shrinkage rate is smaller than the compression molding curing shrinkage rate; 2. Filling agent dosage, the more the smaller shrinkage rate, the higher the rubber content shrinkage is larger; 3. Shrinkage of rubber seals with sulfide products of rubber content increases; 4. With specifications of the circular cross section and cross section shrinkage approximation; 5. Shrinkage of rubber seals with the increase of the hardness of vulcanized products and saddle type curve change; 6. The shrinkage of rubber seals with the increase of curing temperature increases, the temperature rise every 10 degrees, shrinkage rate increased 0. 1% - 0. 2%; 7. Porous cavity mould, middle shrinkage cavity sulfide products is bigger than edge shrinkage cavity sulfide products; 8. Shrinkage of rubber seals with sulfide products raw materials increases with the increase of injection rate, when raw material quality & gt; The quality of the product 5% 10%, shrinkage rate is relatively stable; 9. calender direction and the direction of flow in the mold of the shrinkage rate of shrinkage rate is greater than the vertical direction; 10. plasticity, the better, the smaller the shrinkage rate, the higher the rubber hardness, the smaller the shrinkage rate ( High hardness except) ; 11. Thin rubber seal ( The section thickness is less than 3 mm) Shrinkage rate than thick ( Section above 10 mm) The shrinkage rate of 0. 2% - - - - - - - - - - - - - 0. 6%; 12. The expansion of the sponge rubber seals in shrinkage range is very large, the surface of the rubber products generally adopts the primary or secondary sulfide, foaming vulcanization mold cavity for the first time according to the size of rubber seals seals to reduce about 60%, according to the size of the seals amplification 7% - for the second time 10% as sulfide. Because of using the environment factor and tolerance, many products need to consider when choosing rubber seals to its shrinkage rate, so when the choice is not only to select the appropriate rubber, technology is also important factor; 18 years of professional seal manufacturer, if you have any question, welcome consultation:.
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