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The installation technique of the gasket is usually divided into 5 steps

by:ORK      2022-10-17
The careful planning and effective selection of the gasket is the key to the reasonable work of the gasket, but the gasket that has undergone detailed calculation and effective selection, if the installation is not very good in specific applications, it is unlikely to be hopeful for other The sealing effect exceeds the estimated actual sealing effect; the installation management method is not very good, and the service life of the sealing gasket will also be reduced, so the effective installation of the sealing gasket is the most important step to exceed the reasonable sealing performance. In addition, in operation, for these very easy-to-leak connectors, purposeful and top priority frequent maintenance and improvement management methods are indispensable to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of machinery and equipment and intelligent management systems. countermeasures. 1. Before installation, check whether the flange is in compliance with the regulations, whether the surface roughness of the cover picture is qualified, whether there is inorganic damage, axial nicks and rust, etc. 2. Carry out the following inspections on the bolts and nuts: whether the materials, methods and specifications of the anchor bolts and nuts meet the requirements, and the nuts rotate on the bolts easily and without shaking, and no external threads are allowed. Broken condition; anchor bolts are not allowed to be bent. 3. Check the gasket: whether the material, method and specification of the gasket meet the regulations, and whether it conforms to the flange surface. The surface layer of the gasket is not allowed to have defects such as mechanical equipment damage, axial nicks, serious rust, and glass damage to the inner and outer edges. 4. Before installing the elliptical and human-shaped cross-section metal material sealing ring, check whether the cutting surface specification of the sealing ring is the same as that of the ladder-shaped planting of the flange, and whether the roughness of the groove body meets the requirements of the baby. Apply red lead on the surface of the sealing ring to check whether the contact is good. If loose, grinding should be carried out. 5. Before installing the gasket, it should be checked whether the installation quality of the pipeline and the flange is: partial mouth, wrong mouth, open mouth, wrong hole, etc.
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