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The key ineffectiveness of the Y-shaped seal and the countermeasures

by:ORK      2022-11-19
1) Gap bite The situation and reason of the gap bite of the Y-ring seal are similar to that of the O-ring, which occurs at the root. In the same way, the countermeasures are: limit the sealing gap according to the pressure, and use the Y-ring material appropriately. For the Y-shaped sealing ring whose working pressure is greater than 16MPa, a flat washer or a special sealing ring with a flat washer inlaid at the root should be used. Flat washers are generally made of plastic materials with high rigidity, such as polytetrafluoroethylene, acrylic resin, etc. 2) Destruction by reverse pressure When the Y-shaped sealing ring is used as the sealing property of the piston rod of the double-acting piston rod cylinder, it must be used in pairs to seal the high-pressure fluid mechanics in two directions. In this way, in the middle of the 2 back-to-back lip rings on the piston rod, or the middle of the 2 lip rings in the middle of the hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder and the guide column, the fluid mechanics will slowly penetrate to generate pressure accumulation. When the pressure is released, or when the accumulating working pressure is higher than the pressure during repeated movements, the Y-shaped sealing ring will be extruded from the root in the opposite direction in the installation groove, and its lip tip will be squeezed into the cylinder liner and piston rod. The gap in the middle is pinched and broken, resulting in damage to reverse pressure. The countermeasures to avoid reverse pressure damage are: (i), cut a small round hole on the piston rod to release the accumulated pressure. When the pressure is released, the trapped hydrodynamics can be drawn out according to the small round hole, and the accumulated pressure is released. (ii), set the support point ring. The function of the support point ring is between the two lips of the Y-ring used for the piston rod, and it is against the Y-ring, so that it cannot be shaken radially or squeezed in the opposite direction. In addition, the concave groove position is opened with a plurality of oil inlet ports that distribute force along the circle, so that the working pressure material can act on the concave part of the Y-shaped seal according to the small circular hole, and expand the lips of the Y-shaped seal; In addition, it can prevent back pressure, make the trapped oil drain smoothly, and maintain the sealing posture of the Y-ring. This countermeasure has a stronger practical effect on preventing the Y-ring from being damaged by reverse pressure. 3) Rotation If the external torque caused by the sliding friction during exercise exceeds the torsional working capacity of the sealing ring itself, the sealing ring will rotate in a full circle or partially, and the sealing capacity will be lost. To avoid tight rotation, the strength of the plastic pellets can be increased or a support point ring can be selected. Setting the support point ring has a good practical effect on avoiding various displacements of the Y-shaped sealing ring in the installation groove. The Y-ring seal can also be prevented from rotating by inserting a flat washer. 4) Damage at the root When the root of the sealing ring is damaged seriously, it will cause leakage. The key reason for the damage at the root is the large amount of interference, which causes large sliding friction and dry friction. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the relationship between the nominal diameter of the seal ring and the hole shaft and pipe groove specifications. For the Y-shaped sealing ring for the shaft, its nominal diameter d1 should exceed the shaft diameter d2; its diameter D1 should exceed the bottom diameter D2 of the pipe trench; for the Y-shaped sealing ring for the hole, its nominal diameter d3 should be lower than the nominal diameter of the pipe trench d4; Its diameter D3 should be lower than the cylinder diameter D4. That is, the Y-shaped sealing ring and the bottom end of the pipe groove should be clamped tightly, and there is a certain gap with the sealed load surface; the sealing contact stress of the load surface is obtained by the pressure effect of the sealed material next to the Y-shaped ring lip. The damage of the sealing ring is also related to the surface roughness of the dragging surface, and the non-smooth surface accelerates the damage of the sealing ring; it is also related to the production and processing method. For example, a ground and polished shaft with the same level of surface roughness will damage the seal much less than a polished shaft. 5) Abnormal noise occurs. When the hydraulic cylinder is working under the condition of high pressure and low gear, sometimes it will produce“Bili, Bili”sound. The reason is that when the Y-shaped sealing ring is dragged along the shaft or the inner cavity of the cylinder, the vulcanized rubber seals and the surface of the metal material are temporarily adhered.—get rid of—stick—Get out of the situation, which will reduce the useful life of the hermetic equipment. The solution is to reduce the frictional resistance of the vulcanized rubber seals and keep the grease film on the sealing surface; it should also be noted that the viscosity of the substance or lubricating fluid during work does not have to be too low. 6) Floating dust damages sludge, floating dust and sand and other intrusions into the hydraulic cylinder, which usually cause abnormal friction coefficients of the sealing ring. A dustproof ring should be set at the extended end of the hydraulic cylinder to ensure the actual effect of anti-fouling and prevent harmful residues. into the hydraulic cylinder.
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