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The Magical Uses and Functions of Silicone Sealing Rings

by:ORK      2022-10-13
The Magical Uses and Functions of Silicone Sealing Rings What are the Magical Uses of Silicone Sealing Rings? Let Ruibo Rubber Products Co., Ltd. answer for you. Silicone sealing rings are often used in daily utensils, such as rice cookers, cups, crisper boxes, heat preservation boxes, coffee pots, etc. If there is no silicone sealing ring, then the tightness of these items will not exist. So what does the silicone seal do? Let Ruibo Rubber Products Co., Ltd. give you a good chat. 1. Silicone sealing ring has good sealing performance, can achieve good sealing performance, so that water cannot penetrate into the sealing space; 2. Silicone sealing ring has excellent tensile properties. Even if it has a lot of tension, it can continue to open without deformation; 3. The silicone sealing ring has a good preservation effect, so that food must be kept fresh, and the temperature is non-toxic and harmless. It is a low-carbon, environmentally friendly, Healthy food; 4. Silicone sealing ring has good adaptability, even if it is heated at high temperature, it will not deform or change, and it will not cause toxic and harmful substances; 5. Silicone sealing ring has good insulation, even under the premise of high temperature 6. Silicone sealing ring has a variety of patience, corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and has excellent aging resistance; Long and yellowing or fading; 8. Even under -60, the silicone sealing ring has better elasticity than other ordinary rubbers°, can also maintain good elasticity; 9. Silicone sealing ring cannot be used for post-shrinking solvents and oils, and naturally cannot be used for thick-shrinking acids and sodium hydroxide.
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