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The main characteristics of rubber duck mouth valve and using range

by:ORK      2020-07-13
Valve type of rubber products mainly used in all kinds of pump, such as valves, pumps, air pump, carburetor, instrument panel, etc. , common have a rubber duck mouth valve, umbrella valve, check valve, check valve, etc. , so the main characteristic of valve rubber seals duck mouth and use scope of what? The main characteristics of a valve, rubber duck mouth 1, can be assembled on the small space; 2, under pressure from tiny, also has a keen response performance; 3, with reliability and durability in a reliable way. 4, good corrosion resistance and frictional resistance. Second, the use of the rubber duck duck mouth 1, auto diesel pump, manual pump, have the effect of one-way seal valve, oil resistance, heat resistance, fuel pump with valve. 3, blood pressure with the exhaust valve. 4, buffer with delay valve. 5, fuel pressure adjustment valve in the box. 6, Wells pump air supply valve. 7, inkjet printer with quantitative pump. 8, sales of automatic machine with the material of valve rubber seals duck mouth valve generally have nitrile rubber, epdm rubber, silicone, fluorine rubber, etc. , according to the different using conditions, can choose different rubber use. parts manufacturer seal of 18 years, can be customized according to customer demand for the customer design the rubber valve, diaphragm, suction cups, a fixed seat, and so on all kinds of rubber seal valve pump, learn more consultation:.
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