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The main factors affecting the quality of silicone foam sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-31
Silicone foam sealing strip production mainly in the silicone rubber after adding foaming agent, under the compression state heat vulcanized rubber seals foam, can be made of silicone rubber sponge, but must pay attention to the following several factors, otherwise it may affect the quality of the silicone foam sealing strip. 1, select the appropriate foaming agent foaming agent decomposition product not affect the foaming agent, silicone heat resistant organic foaming agent such as foaming agent is commonly used in BN, urea, etc. , and its decomposition product in the second section of the removed sulphide. 2, control the amount of curing agent and foaming agent foaming speed to match the curing rate, increase the amount of foaming agent, will increase the hole hole sponge, lower density; Increase the amount of curing agent will narrow the silicone foam sealing strip hole hole degrees, increasing the density, produce thicker wall of hole. 3, vulcanizing agent can better control the appropriate degree of silicone foam sealing strip hole and density. 4, control of plastic rubber plastic value is too large, when hair hole caused by excessive expansion, the formation of coarse opening structure, even very porous burst; Plastic value is too small, the hole is insufficient, the silicone foam sealing strip is hard. Using weak reinforcing filler of rubber material is easier to control the plasticity index, refined rubber is best used on the same day. 5 particles foaming agent and foaming agent even cluster, difficult to spread out, can be made from the first raw rubber seals/rubber seals mixing, foaming agent for mixing, in order to improve the dispersion effect. Seal 17 years focused on custom silicone foam sealing strip, sealing ring, seal the professional manufacturer of rubber seals, according to the needs of customers custom suitable silicone foam sealing strip:.
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