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The material of rubber seals

by:ORK      2020-07-16
seal is mainly used to prevent water, oil, dust and other impurities into machinery parts, widely used in all walks of life, therefore, the seals of the rubber material also has a lot of classification, the following to introduce the classification of rubber material, so that you can find more suitable material when the choice. 1, according to the raw material source and the main point of rubber seal in the rubber can be divided into two categories, natural and synthetic rubber. Zhuo Lord loss amount accounts for one-third of natural rubber, synthetic rubber Zhuo loss amount accounts for two-thirds. 2, according to the rubber surface morphology of the rubber seal in the rubber can be divided into solid rubber ( Also known as dry glue) , the rubber emulsion ( Latex) , liquid rubber and rubber powder four categories. 3, according to the performance of rubber and USES in addition to natural rubber, synthetic rubber in rubber seal can be divided into general synthetic rubber seals, and general synthetic rubber, synthetic rubber and special synthetic rubber. Natural rubber at room temperature with high elasticity, plasticity, has the very good mechanical strength, slightly hysteresis loss is small, when multiple deformation heat production is low, so the flexing resistance is also very good, and because of black and white rubber, polarity is good electrical insulating performance. 4, according to the physical form of rubber rubber can be divided into hard plastic and soft plastic, rubber and mixing rubber, etc. 5, in industrial use, rubber and may be classified as follows: category according to the heat and oil resistant are divided into: ordinary rubber, heat-resistant rubber, oil resistant rubber and weather aging resistance rubber, knight rubber chemical medium. The main rubber about its classification, if want to know is a common material of rubber, small make up another article description, you can go and see. Small make up suggest we when selecting a rubber seals need combined with the working condition of their products, to choose their suitable condition of material, sealing ring seal 17 years professional manufacturer for customized suitable rubber seals, welcome to figure custom:.
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