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by:ORK      2020-07-16
Each has its advantages and disadvantages of rubber material, and each kind of rubber according to different performance requirements, can have a variety of formulations. In the process of design, how to select the right rubber seals according to the actual situation of materials is very important. The material of rubber seals how to choose? From the following several aspects: 1, the first need to consider the material of the rubber seal to come into contact with, in addition to pay attention to the rubber seals seal material whether tolerance sealed fluid, such as air, water, oil, steam, etc. Should also pay attention to contact with the rubber seals of metal or plastic parts. For example, if not suitable rubber seals pieces and polycarbonate plastic together for a long time, some components of the rubber parts will slowly infiltrated the two contact surfaces, resulting in polycarbonate plastic surface cracks. 2, in many cases, the rubber seal is used for the main function of waterproof, but then add disinfectant residue in water or other medium is an important consideration, the disinfectant or medium in the water can react with rubber seals, rubber seals swelling deformation, even decomposition, which affect the rubber sealing function of seal and longevity. 3, use the other factors in the environment, such as whether to contact with ozone for a long time ( The ozone resistance) , temperature, etc. , different materials have different temperature tolerance. 4, in addition to the above factors, but also take into account the tensile strength of rubber seals, under pressure, etc. Listed above are just some of the common factor, each product has its particularity, the design or application designers should be analyzed according to particular case. In addition, there is no a rubber material can meet all the requirements. At this point you need to consider, prioritize and select the right material. 18 years of rubber seal factory, according to the working condition of the product, performance requirements, such as one-stop custom fit for the customer the rubber seals, working condition of material and know more about, consultation:.
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