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The material of seal ring generally need to have what conditions?

by:ORK      2020-08-02
Sealing ring has a variety of materials, the sealing performance and service life also has a strong relationship with material, the performance of the material directly affect the use of the seal performance, so when choosing the material of sealing ring is also need to have certain conditions. Besides should have product or equipment itself requirements, sealing ring material also note the following conditions: 1, full of elasticity and resilience; 2, sealing ring material appropriate mechanical strength, including the expansion of the strength, elongation and tensile strength etc. ; 3, performance is stable, not easy swelling in the medium, thermal contraction effect ( Joule effect) Small; 4, easy to processing molding, and can keep the precision of size; 5, don't contact corrosion, no pollution medium, etc. ; Meet the requirements of the common seal material is rubber seals, so the sealing ring is mostly made of rubber material. And rubber seals varieties also has a lot of, and constantly have new rubber varieties, design and selection, should understand the characteristics of all kinds of rubber seals, combined with the condition of reasonable choice. Seal 17 years of experience in research and development production, can according to customer demand for customized suitable sealing ring, welcome to consult.
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