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by:ORK      2020-08-01
Sealing strip production efficiency is high, the rejection rate is low, easy to use, so also more and more widely used, so common what material is the sealing strip? 1, epdm epdm is ethylene, propylene and a small amount of conjugated dienes copolymer, is one of the types of ethylene propylene rubber seals, due to its main chain is made up of chemical stability of saturated hydrocarbon, and only in the side chain containing unsaturated double bond, so the epdm epdm rubber seals sealing strip ozone resistance, excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance, can be widely used in auto parts, building waterproof materials, wire and cable sheath, heat-resistant rubber hose, adhesive tape, automotive seals, and other fields; Article 2, the silicone seal: silica gel material of the sealing strip is one of the more widely used, non-toxic no basic tastes, some common medical apparatus and instruments, we our following from commonly used silica gel material, demonstrated the seal of the environmental protection of the silicone material is better, silica gel and a feature is high temperature resistant; Article 3, NBR NBR seal: the main characteristics of nitrile material is resistant to oil, used in the oil, nitrile rubber sealing strip is more appropriate. Article 4, PVC as the raw material of seal. Regardless of which kind of material of the sealing strip has irreplaceable advantages, so in choosing sealing strip material, you first need to understand the condition, according to the use of different environment choice different material, so as to achieve better sealing effect, professional manufacturer of sealing strip seal of 18 years, professional custom fit for the customer the sealers, hotline:.
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