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by:ORK      2020-07-30
As medical, electronics and home appliances market for small portable equipment needs more and more big, lead to the development of the micro pump, micro valve. For most of the micro pump valve, the service life of the key point lies in the quality during the period of the rubber seal, valve seal of each kind of materials have a variety of compounds and different hardness to meet specific application requirements, so the micro pump valve seal rubber material is usually what? 1, epdm ( EPDM) Is the most commonly used in pump valve seal material, use efficiency is good, because of its good heat resistance to water, suitable for hot water, but not suitable for the majority of mineral oil and grease and the aromatic and olefin solvent. Nitrile rubber (2, NBR) Is another kind of pump valve seals are commonly used materials, suitable for oil and oil and abrasion resistance, but poor in strong acid alkali resistance of patience. 3, fluorine rubber ( FKM) Pump valve seal compared with NBR material, has higher chemical resistance and high temperature resistance. Not recommended for hot water and ketone, but pump valve fluorine rubber seal has excellent oil resistance. 4, silicone rubber seals ( Silicone) Pump valve seals the poor poor tensile strength, tear resistance, abrasion resistance is poor, but has good heat resistance, heat resistance up to + 230 & deg; C; Cold tolerance easydrive, resistant to - 60° C at low temperature, and good weatherability. seal has 18 years micro pump valve seal r&d manufacturing experience, long-term to provide world giant several micro pump valve seal. Kaleidoscope to adapt to different micro design and application of the pump valve, we produce all kinds of different models, the shape, size of seals to provide customers the best sealing solution. Our mini pump valve seal application categories are: micro electromagnetic valve, micro electromagnetic pump, brushless dc pumps, micro diaphragm pump and mini vacuum pump. Learn more about pump valve rubber seals seal service hotline: ( WeChat with Numbers)
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