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The most distinctive feature of sealing materials

by:ORK      2022-11-15
Sealing materials are divided into two categories: fluid sealing materials and non-fluid sealing materials. Sealing materials are shaped and non-shaped materials that can withstand joint displacement to achieve airtightness and watertightness and are embedded in the mechanical seal of water pumps in building joints. There are many classifications of sealing materials, among which flange seals are often used in balanced mechanical seals in our daily life. Flange sealing product series: metal toothed gaskets, metal corrugated gaskets, all-metal gaskets, sealing materials, metal clad gaskets, edge-wrapped high-strength gaskets. The product type of flange sealing has a backing plate: the sealing backing plate can be cut in different shapes and sizes to adapt to different flanges or box joint surfaces. According to the different medium and pressure, we select a variety of high-quality raw materials such as PTFE, graphite, aramid fiber, ceramic fiber and other fillers to make a sealing pad with stable performance. Among them, the mechanical seal of the alkali pump is pollution-free Asbestos ingredients, safe for food, pharmaceutical, drinking water and other industries. The width of the gasket plate can reach 1524mm, suitable for larger diameter flanges, and the gasket can be prefabricated according to user requirements. Two gaskets: Gaskets are made of metal or metal and non-metallic materials. They are mainly used for static sealing of pipeline flange connections, and are more suitable for harsh environments such as high temperature, high pressure and high corrosion. Gasket products have various materials and structures, accurate dimensions, and high flatness of the contact surface. Among them, the sealing material, with its unique technology and good sealing effect, is widely used in various chemical industries. The most significant feature of the sealing material is that it can still have excellent sealing performance under harsh conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, cryogenic vacuum and sharp changes in operating parameters. The sealing material has a reasonable structure design and has good compression and rebound performance. The material, structure and size of the gasket can be changed according to the different requirements of users. Sealing materials can be divided into: basic metal spiral wound gasket, metal spiral wound gasket with outer ring, metal spiral wound gasket with inner ring, metal spiral wound gasket with inner and outer ring, heat exchanger (with ribs), special-shaped metal spiral wound gasket . Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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