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The necessity of hydraulic press and sealing technology

by:ORK      2022-11-13
There are 2 key categories of piston rod sealing technology: First, with the help of the specified transport substance, the corresponding part of the seal is squeezed under the specified pressure. Corresponding tangential nines are created according to these methods. And then cause the actual effect of sealing. However, its sealing lip is easily damaged and the cylinder wall is damaged, which cannot ensure the actual effect of the sealing. Second, it is necessary to use a silicone sealing ring, which causes tangential pressure according to the elastic deformation of the sealing ring to achieve the actual effect of sealing. The basic principle of sealing is to elastically deform the composite sealing ring by increasing the preload of the matching dry sealing ring during the reciprocating motion, and then cause a tangential force, so that the composite sealing ring and the cylinder wall are in close contact, effectively achieving The actual effect of sealing. As everyone knows, in some working links, a lot of heat is caused by dry friction. This heat is accumulated in the sealing ring, which makes it impossible to release the heat immediately. The aging rate of the plastic ring is faster, and the corresponding sealing equipment has a service life. reduce. The hydraulic transmission system can greatly improve the braking system, operation process and steering effect of large and medium-sized equipment. Seals play a key role in the stable operation of hydraulic machinery. In order to better ensure the reliable and stable operation of environmental protection machinery and equipment, it is necessary to ensure the safety factor and reliability of the hydraulic machinery of the machinery and equipment, and the sealing characteristics of the environmental protection machinery and equipment must be ensured. In the whole process, if the sealing characteristics of chemical machinery are poor, the hydraulic characteristics and overall physical properties of chemical machinery will become worse and worse. Oil seepage and sealing problems in chemical machinery cause network resource consumption and air pollution. Internal structural leaks and leaks in gasoline engines can cause significant internal damage and reduce the life of gasoline engines.
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