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The performance characteristics of silica gel type O sealing ring

by:ORK      2020-07-08
Silica gel type O sealing ring is a section for circular silicon rubber seals sealing ring, due to its cross section is type O, so called type O sealing ring, then the performance of the silica gel type O sealing ring? Seal tell you. Silica gel type O sealing ring is introduced: the advantage: excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance, good weather resistance, good electrical insulation, and colorless, tasteless, non-toxic; Temperature tolerance: 60 degrees below zero, and resistance to high temperature of 230 degrees to use range: applicable to high and low temperature resistance, insulation, medical, food, industrial gaskets, seals and other food-grade seal products; Hardness: general hardness in the 35 - Between 85 degrees, conventional hardness of 60 degrees, the hardness tolerance of plus or minus five degrees. Color: silica gel type O sealing ring adjustable a variety of colors, relative to other material is more beautiful. Silica gel ring sealing principle and requirement: type O sealing ring is a JiYaXing seal, when generating the initial deformation and stress conditions appropriate seals, will not leak. Above is the general performance characteristics of silica gel type O sealing ring, silicone is subdivided in different species, such as special high temperature resistant silicone, high tearing silica gel, etc. , there are differences in different types of performance characteristics. More material is introduced, such as the need to understand out of consultation: welcome, 17 years of professional packing factory!
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