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The performance of fluorine rubber seal was mainly affected by what?

by:ORK      2020-07-12
Fluorine rubber seal because heat oil resistant performance is good, so also more widely used, in terms of the factors affecting the performance of many customers and more attention to the following with you to understand the main factors influencing the performances of fluorine rubber seals seal. Fluorine rubber vulcanization after physical differences mainly depends on the kinds of raw rubber, filler, and the variety and dosage of vulcanizing agent and curing temperature, time, in the process of production. For different kinds of fluorine elastic, because in the process of copolymerization monomer type, scale is different, so the resistance to corrosion medium, compression deformation and low temperature flexibility, etc, nature is not the same. Due to different structure of fluorine rubber is different, in addition to property is different, so the vulcanizates of medium resistance is also different, although some fluorine rubber on some performance better than other products, but in other aspects will be less. So the final choice still should according to the fluorine rubber seal of the practical need of physical properties and medium resistance to decide. Above you can see fluorine rubber seal in the operating mode in the process of production also has an impact on performance, so when the choice needs to pay more attention to the strength of the sealing ring manufacturer. Also got the different types of fluorine rubber, fluorine rubber seal material selection is in need according to the condition of the product, when 17 years of sealing ring seal manufacturer professional fluorine rubber seal of a custom fit for the customer, welcome to figure custom:.
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