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The performance of silicone sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-30
The performance of silicone sealing ring Silicone rubber seals sealing ring has excellent temperature resistance, low temperature elasticity, excellent oxidation resistance and ozone resistance. Silicone rubber seals are highly breathable and selective. Good electrical insulation properties (volume resistance over 10)Ω). Cm, breakdown field strength above 30KV/mm), corona resistance. Electric resistance orphan. But add conductive carbon black, nickel powder, aluminum powder, silver powder (volume resistance can reach 5-0.02Ω) to obtain proper conductivity. centimeter). The silicone sealing ring has low surface energy and water absorption, and can be used as a protective material. Water resistance, but poor water vapor resistance, pressure higher than 50psi is not recommended. Compatible with most oils. Suitable for chemicals and solvents. In general, silica gel has good acid and alkali resistance, good resistance to polar solvents, but no resistance to alkane hydrogens and aromatic oils. Not recommended for most concentrated solvents. Petroleum products. Use in concentrated acids and dilute caustic soda solutions. Special silica gel also has radiation resistance, fire resistance, oil resistance and other properties. Silicone rubber seals seals have low compressive strength and poor wear resistance, and generally do not require dynamic sealing. The polymer molecule of the silicone sealing ring is a chain structure formed by silicon-oxygen bonds, and its main component is linear polysiloxane with high molar mass. The Si-O-Si key is the basic key type. The key of the silicon atom is attached to the hydroxyl group, and a small amount of unsaturated group is introduced into the side chain. The intermolecular force is small, and the molecules are helical. The hydroxyl groups are arranged outward and can rotate freely, which makes the silicone rubber sealing ring have better temperature resistance, electrical insulation and chemical stability than other ordinary rubbers. A typical silicone sealing ring is polydimethyl methyl methyl methyl methyl siloxane, which has a helical molecular formula, small intermolecular force and good elasticity. At the same time, the formaldehyde radicals outside the rod can rotate freely. Therefore, silicone seals have unique surface properties, such as hydrophobicity and surface anti-adhesion. The main component of silicone seals is silicone. The main molecular chain of silica gel consists of the substitution of silicon atoms and oxygen atoms. It is a polymer elastic material with inorganic and organic properties. Hydroxy vinyl silicone rubber is widely used and consists of dimethyl siloxane and a small amount of vinyl siloxane.
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