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The performance of silicone sealing ring and its use function

by:ORK      2022-10-30
The performance of silicone sealing ring and its use function Silicone sealing ring has excellent characteristics, high working life, dynamic pressure sealing life is 5-10 times higher than traditional rubber seals sealing products, can reach dozens of times, and can be sealed with sealing in some environments The same. The friction resistance of the silicone seal ring is small, and the dynamic and static friction forces are the same, yes“0”1/2-1/41/2-1/4, can remove low speed. low pressure movement"crawl"Condition. The silicone sealing ring is super wear-resistant and has automatic elastic compensation after the surface is damaged. The silicone sealing ring has good self-lubricating performance and can be used as an oil-free lubricating sealing ring. The silicone sealing ring has a compact structure and is easy to install. Working pressure of the silicone sealing ring: 01300MPa; working rate:≤15m/s; working temperature: 55-2500℃. Suitable material for silicone sealing ring: gear oil. Gas. Water. Mortar. Petroleum. Emulsified oil. Water-ethylene glycol. Acid. Alkali. , the flange surface of the connection should be non-corrosive. After compression, after the connecting bolt is tightened, the contact surface of the gasket and the flange should be well matched to ensure the sealing. For temperature resistance, the selected cargo should be used normally at the minimum and maximum temperature of the system. Creep resistance, under the influence of pressure load and service temperature, the gasket should have good creep resistance, otherwise the torsional distance of the bolt is lost, resulting in the reduction of the surface stress of the gasket, and then the hard gas system leaks.
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