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The performance of the fluorine rubber type O sealing ring

by:ORK      2020-07-13
Type O sealing ring is currently one of the common seal, and fluorine rubber type O sealing ring is a commonly used material, and the fluorine rubber has the performance? Type O sealing ring manufacturer to tell you. Fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring is vinyl fluoride, hexafluoropropylene, and a variety of mixing and sealing ring, formula preparation with good flame retardancy, air tightness, high temperature resistant, oil resistant, solvent resistance, fire resistant, resistant to chemicals and the nature of the resistance to climate, usually used in automotive, chemical processing, aerospace and many industries. Fluorine rubber type O sealing ring use temperature can reach 250 degrees high temperatures, short resistant to 300 & deg; C high temperature, it with good properties such as resistance to high temperature and chemical products. In addition, it also has good anti-aging and anti-oxidation, very low gas permeability, Especially suitable for really high device) , but also is divided into many varieties, fluorine rubber seals variety also is a little difference, fluorine rubber type O sealing ring fuel oil, hydraulic oil, organic solvents, strong acid, strong bismuth agent has the stability, but its variety also have differences, such as fuel oil, hydraulic oil cylinder and double ester, silicate ester lubricant and boiling water medium, such as environment 23 type fluorine rubber performance than 26 type fluorine rubber for the poor. Formula of the compound also have an impact on performance, such as peroxide vulcanization system products than ammonia, phenol vulcanization system products has better performance of hot water. Fluorine rubber type O sealing ring defect is poor processability, costly, cold resistance is poor, elasticity and permeability is low. Varieties of fluorine rubber is divided into many varieties, performance is also there will be differences, combination of the need when choosing fluorine rubber type O sealing ring material condition choose allocate appropriate rubber, sealing technology, 17 years experience welcome to figure custom fluorine rubber sealing ring (o-ring).
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