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The performance of the rubber sealing ring aging and protective methods

by:ORK      2020-07-14
seal generally have the use of a certain period, when using different materials used by the deadline, namely we often say aging phenomenon, so what are the main rubber seals sealing ring aging performance? How to defend? A, the performance of the rubber sealing ring aging of rubber sealing ring aging performance varied, such as: sticky, crack and harden, will change color after a sharp, crisp, burst; In outdoor products due to atmospheric effects can harden, burst; In addition, some will be the effect of hydrolysis and break or mold function and cause damage & hellip; … These conditions are generally as for aging. Second, the protection of rubber sealing ring aging aging process is a kind of irreversible nature of the chemical reaction, as well as other chemical reaction, with the changes in appearance, structure and performance, we can only according to the study of the rule of aging using rule that delay the ageing, but can't do absolutely prevent. Protective methods are: physical protection method: try to avoid interaction method of rubber and aging factors, such as: add wax in rubber seals, rubber and plastic blending, electroplating, paint coating, etc. Chemical protective method: through the chemical reaction delay the ageing of the rubber seals seal to continue, such as: join the chemical stabilizer. Anti-aging performance of different materials, such as epdm rubber sealing ring aging performance is good. If you have more material question, consultation:, sealed 18 years professional manufacturer of rubber sealing ring.
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