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The point of doors and Windows rubber foam strip installation

by:ORK      2020-07-02
The application of foam rubber strip on the doors and Windows, fan is generally used in doors and Windows, layering and doors and Windows have special sealing strip groove, mainly through layering and inner fan wear some seals for glass and box door closer, so as to ensure the tightness of the doors and Windows, when installation should how to operate? Sealing rubber seals foam strip to enumerate a few doors and Windows installation points: 1, vehicle Windows and doors in front of the device are to stamp out the debris inside the rabbet, such as mortar, brick, wood, glass should be carefully placed, ensure uniform on both sides of the clearing, and timely correction is fixed, avoided kepeng shift, against groove center. 2, rubber foam strip can not pull too tight. Foam rubber strip 20 - blanking length is longer than the installation length 30mm。 3, rubber seals foam strip device should be set in place, looks straight, slit closely touch with glass, glass, the glass surrounding stress evenly. Article 4 rubber, rubber foaming rubber strip on the corner should be cant disconnected, and the disconnected note strong adhesive. 5, when using a fixed glass sealant caulking, should use rubber foam strip first glass choke, set aside note glue, injecting depth should not be less than 5 mm, before the adhesive curing, should stick to the glass from the oscillation.   Such as the seal of the demand is higher, but with rubber seals seal factory custom suitable sealing strip, in such aspects as dimensions, performance, can achieve good sealing requirements. Seal 17 years focused on custom all kinds of rubber foam gaskets, seals, seals and other professional factory of rubber seals, as if there is any special requirements welcome contact seal, professional technical project for you to customize a suitable sealing products.
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