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The role of fluorine rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-04
The role of fluorine rubber sealing ring fluorine rubber sealing ring is favored by everyone with its own advantages. But do you know the function of fluorine rubber sealing ring? Let us give you a brief introduction to it, hoping to help you get a better grasp of Viton seals. sealing ring. 1. The fluorine rubber sealing ring has extremely high sealing properties, which can achieve complete sealing, and will not allow water droplets to enter the sealed indoor space. 2. The polyphenylene sulfide sealing ring has very good compressive strength characteristics, and can achieve the actual effect of no cracking and no deformation under strong tensile force. Do you know the function of fluorine rubber seals? 3. The fluorine rubber sealing ring has very good resistance to corona discharge, resistance to electric isolation and its continuous high temperature and low temperature performance. In addition, the fluorine rubber sealing ring also has excellent aging resistance. Very much in line with national industry standards. 4. However, fluorine rubber seals cannot be used in organic solvents and oils with the largest shrinkage rate, nor can they be used in acids and sodium hydroxide solutions with relatively large shrinkage rates. 5. The fluorine rubber seals sealing ring also has very good insulating properties, even in the case of high heat, it will not get all harm. 6. The fluorine rubber sealing ring has stronger ductility than ordinary plastics. Even at minus 60 to 70 degrees, it can ensure relatively excellent ductility. 7. Polyphenylene sulfide sealing ring. Compared with the same kind of goods, it can be used for a long time without changing the color tone, yellowing and fading. 8. The fluorine rubber sealing ring has a very good guarantee effect, which can keep the freshness of the ingredients or other objects that must be kept fresh, and the product does not cause all harmful substances, and it is completely non-toxic and harmless green. Healthy green products.
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