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The role of rubber cushions

by:ORK      2020-07-18
damping products mainly include rubber cushions, rubber air spring, rubber fender, See image) , sponge and cork rubber cushions, elastic coupling and flexible to take over a few classes. For example: 1. cushions, mostly for rubber and metal composite products, has a double plate, a variety of forms such as cylindrical, chip, is used in various machinery, instrument, axle, shock absorption and sound insulation of pipeline. 2. air spring, it is better than metal spring shock and impact resistance performance, is mainly used in the vehicle. Its structure and tubeless tyre some similar to fabric layer for pressure, there is air tight rubber layer, outside the protection of oil resistant ageing resistance rubber layer. 3. bearing, by rubber sheet and rigid material ( Steel plate, steel mesh, canvas) Glue them into a. The latter can improve the compressive strength of bearing, and against the shear strength is very small. bridge bearing the load transfer to the pier of bridge, the bridge at the same time to adapt to the deformation and reduce the vibration, rubber construction bearing can reduce the subway and the surrounding vehicles as well as the influence of earthquake to buildings. Seal products focus on production seals, filter seal foam strip damping cushion rubber seal o-rings seal trailer terminal sheath dustproof cover steering parts set of inlet pipe components with skeleton rubber gasket cooler sealing ring and other kinds of rubber seal products. 18 years of professional experience in technology, can customize the suitable products according to customer demand for the customer, custom rubber products hotline:
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