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The role of sealing strip in Windows and doors - Dongguan DongSheng di sealing products co. , LTD

by:ORK      2020-08-01
Play a watertight seals in the doors and Windows, airtight and energy saving. Sealing strip performance in various aging environment change, about doors and Windows sealed performance has a special important influence. In the process of actual use, building doors and Windows sealing strip in engineering quality problems mainly is used as the key to energy security doors and Windows material soon, and play a watertight seals in the doors and Windows, airtight and important role in the process of actual use of energy saving, building doors and Windows sealing strip quality problems in engineering mainly is to use soon become hard brittle, lose elasticity and sealing function; Or by the sun, are attached to the window and glass sticky phenomenon. Affect the function of doors and Windows sealed and beautiful; Contraction groove or a short time off, lose this some is of poor quality glue aging resistance is poor, after the sun exposure, strip hardened after aging, lose elasticity, easy to fall off. Not only the poor sealing, and causes loose glass has the security hidden danger. Fluid sealant failure is particularly adverse impact on the performance of the window, contains the sequential reduce the air tightness of the window, water tightness and thermal insulation performance. Seals must be in the window of the entire life cycle to keep elasticity, and form the same with the Windows three hundred and sixty degrees. 17 years of rubber seals seal factory, provide one-stop processing customized various seals, sealing strip, rubber seals seal products, the company introduced advanced intelligent production equipment and testing equipment, automatic batching system, mixer line, extrusion line, purifying workshop, fully automatic sorting equipment, automatic packaging machine, etc, more than 200 sets of equipment, vulcanization unit covers from 50 t to 1000 t, large product customization!
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