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The rubber sealing ring flash what reason be?

by:ORK      2020-07-15
sealing ring has a lot of poor performance, one flash is more obvious, the rubber sealing ring flash more influence not only beautiful, but also will affect the anastomotic when it is assembled, so what is the rubber sealing ring flash more reasons for this? Tell you the seal. 1, the first is mold, mold good quality determines the quality of the products, rubber seal of burrs, appear on the mold parting line, is the moulding line, if with mould of lower die is not very good, clearance is too large, the production time will lead to the rubber sealing ring flash thickening or bigger, because the flash is to rely on other mold itself since the open ditch, to realize the burrs and separation of rubber sealing ring. So since the open ditch design is also a key factor to influence the rubber sealing ring burrs, one of the otherwise burrs will be separated from the rubber seals sealing ring is indented. 2, reasonable molding parameter setting will also affect the rubber sealing ring burrs, according to the different rubber materials, setting the proper forming temperature, generally set is 165 - 185 ℃, basic won't special circumstances difference is too big. In addition to set reasonable mould clamping pressure according to mold size. 3, part of the rubber seal can't tear burrs immediately after molding, products again after cooled sufficiently to remove burrs, and also have a plenty of products or hot will tear burrs, this will be depending on the actual situation to decide. Any small parts are likely to affect product, therefore, should not overlook the burrs problem of rubber seal, 17 years professional manufacturer of rubber sealing ring, from raw material to cost through dozens of strict testing, to provide one-stop solution, welcome consultation:.
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