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The rubber sealing ring, oil seal, the sealing ring

by:ORK      2020-07-14
Engineering machinery cannot leave the oil cylinder, cylinder without seals. Common seal is seal, also known as the oil seal, have the effect of isolated oil, prevent oil overflow or through. Commonly used in hydraulic cylinder seal ring and the following types: dustproof ring, piston rod sealing ring, sealing ring buffer, guiding support ring, the end cover sealing ring and piston ring. Shield: installed on the outer edge of the hydraulic cylinder end cover, to prevent external contaminants into the cylinder, can be divided into the card into the type according to installation and pressure into the type. Card into the type shield: the most common, as the name implies, dustproof grooves in the ring card on the inner wall of the end cover, used for less demanding environmental conditions. Card into the type of shield material for polyurethane, usually structure has many variants, such as H and K type cross section for the structure of lips, but plus ca change into type shield: used for rigid, under the condition of heavy load, not card in the groove, but pu materials with a layer of metal to increase its strength, pressure into the hydraulic cylinder end cover. Pressure in shield also has a variety of forms, also single lip and lips. Piston rod sealing ring, also known as U cup, is the main piston rod seals, installed on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover, role is to prevent the hydraulic oil leakage. Piston rod sealing ring by nitrile rubber seals, polyurethane or in some cases, the need and support ring ( Also called collar) Used together, support ring used to prevent seal extrusion pressure. The piston rod sealing ring has many variations. End cover sealing ring: used for cylinder end cover seal between the cylinder wall, is a kind of static seal, used to prevent the hydraulic oil from the end cover and the clearance leakage of cylinder wall. Are usually made of nitrile rubber seals o-ring and support ring ( Retaining ring) Composition. Piston sealing ring: for out of two Chambers, with the hydraulic cylinder is a main hydraulic cylinder seals. Usually a two-piece, outer ring made from ptfe or nylon, inner ring made of nitrile rubber. Also there are many variants, including using coated with teflon bronze, and so on. On the monoculture oil cylinder, polyurethane (pu) U have a cup. Information to learn more sealing ring, can focus on the seal's official website, if you need custom sealing ring, also can call 24-hour customer service hotline: this article from the website reprint please indicate the source
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