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by:ORK      2020-07-15
On the plane, there are a lot of system adopts the fluid transmission. Such as hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system, fuel system of fuel oil, lubricating oil, lubricating oil system of the water in the potable water system. Of course, and pneumatic system on the plane. In the system operation and maintenance, the most difficult to solve, also is the most problem is the leakage. These common place is the joint of pipeline leakage of sealing ring deformation, scratches and wear caused by the leakage. Leakage not only affect the system's work efficiency, serious when may endanger the flight safety of the aircraft, so the aircraft will feature extensive use of sealing element. Type O sealing ring effect is to stop the liquid or gas from the gap between two mating part out of the country, but also prevent the impurities such as air, dust, moisture and foreign matter invasion of the device. Fluid state of the working medium in hydraulic systems and components or temporary storage capacity of cavity flows, when the internal or external force effect, caused by a small amount of leakage of medium, which is leaking. Leakage of the standard is very strict and demanding on the plane, as long as the standard of leakage of more than maintenance personnel should be according to the corresponding manual for components or to repair or replace the sealing leakage. Type O sealing ring have the double function of preventing leakage and leakage, and can therefore be packed in two directions all things sealing parts, the most widely used. When choosing type O sealing ring, also to meet certain requirements. We usually found in the work for sealing ring damage caused by leakage, will certainly according to IPC for same part number of sealing ring, rarely considering the characteristics of it. At the same time also will find the corresponding alternative part number, which means the two different pieces of sealing ring, the material and the effect is the same. Seal at the time of design and manufacture of sealing ring, will consider the following requirements: should have good sealing performance, and with the increase of pressure and temperature can change automatically increase the sealing performance; Sealing ring and the friction between moving parts, friction coefficient should be stable; Sealing ring corrosion resistance is strong, not easy ageing, long working life, good abrasion resistance, can automatically compensate to a certain extent after the wear and tear. Simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, which can make the seal ring has a longer life. Is a collection of product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber seals formula, mixing with testing large rubber seals seals of integrated enterprise, the company's main products: filter series, auto parts series, building materials, sanitary ware series, general O ring series, water pump series, series of household appliances, hardware machinery series, miscellaneous pieces of series to learn more sealing ring, can focus on the seal's official website, if you need custom seals, 24 h can call customer service hotline: articles from the website ( ) , reprint please indicate the source
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