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The rubber sealing strip seals

by:ORK      2020-07-14
The past more than rubber sealing strip production calculation with artificial die forming, process simple, single shape, more is H form. Now the sealing strip production to adopt computer control extrusion or injection moulding technology, including microwave vulcanization, composite extrusion, variable diameter extrusion, surface coating technology. Traditional salt bath furnace sulfide to adopt containing nitrite salt bath system, and after salt bath vulcanization sealing strip need further clean with clear water. To adopt glass beads ebullated bed sulfide, not only to the glass beads ebullated bed regularly to clean, for some section of complex sealing strip, needs to clean up the surface after vulcanization. To guarantee the quality of rubber seals sealing strip during mass production, usually adopt a high degree of automation, batch quality stability, good dispersion uniformity and yield of high efficiency, high quality mixer for rubber seals mixing. Has appeared for microwave continuous vulcanization production line automation configuration of cold feed extruder. Cold feed extruder heating the quantitative section, the screw inner cavity and complex nose with circulating water heating system, and extrusion speed can be stepless adjustment, extrusion of seals by the conveyor belt traction in turn into the hot air preheating period, microwaves, hot air oven, spray cooling water cooling tank or water tank, the automatic cutting, realize feeding, extrusion, continuous vulcanization, cooling and cutting automation production. In the process of rubber seals sealing strip manufacture, application of variable mouth technology when it is squeezed, it is using the computer control extrusion shape change, changed the past practice on extrusion type cross section remains the same. But according to need, in the corner place and connect body or clamping parts, in the cross section and other The gradient & throughout; Or & other Mutation & throughout; 。 For example, can make the sponge foam tube location, wall thickness or size changes, a squeeze on the length direction of variable cross section type of article, so I can make the sealing strip with the principal part of better matching, seal, and in the process of processing, reducing the labor intensity and change the different cross section sealing strip in the processing of complex processes, such as joint and joint Angle. Above is the processing technology of the rubber sealing strip, sealing strip would like to know more about information, may be shut seal's official website, if you want to customize the sealing strip, can call 24 h online service hotline: eighteen years of experience for you to customize a suitable sealing strip from the article, reprint please indicate the source
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