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The scope of application of the vulcanizing agent PDM in the O-type blood circle of silicone products

by:ORK      2022-10-30
1. When the anti-scorch agent is used for chlorosulfonated polyethylene vulcanized rubber, it can be combined with magnesium oxide, pentaerythritol and thiuram (TRA) of bis-pentahydroxy tetra-vulcanizate as anti-scorch agent; Phenylethylenediamine cooperates with each other to form the Malaysian imide vulcanized rubber management system. The usage amount is 2-4phr, which can greatly reduce the permanent deformation and improve the heat resistance. 2. Improve the bonding compressive strength Improve the bonding compressive strength of vulcanized rubber and acrylic resin textiles, vulcanized rubber and metal materials, and apply to the immediate bonding management system. 3. Others This product is a sulfur-free vulcanizing agent, which is used to vulcanize rubber for cables. It can replace all sulfur-containing vulcanizing agents such as thiazoles and thiurams, and treat copper power transmission lines and copper household appliances. Difficulties in turning copper sulfide environmental pollution into black. Dosage: Used as anti-scorch agent: 0.5-1.0phr Used as vulcanizing agent: 2-3phr. Used to improve shrinkage deformation 1.5phr Used to improve bonding compressive strength: 0.5-5.0phr. 4. Vulcanizing agent In natural rubber, it cooperates with sulfur to avoid the reversion of vulcanized rubber, improve temperature resistance, reduce heat, anti-aging, and improve the adhesion between vulcanized rubber seals and cord and the strain rate of vulcanized rubber. It can be used in vulcanized rubber such as load-carrying tire shoulder rubber and buffer layer, which can deal with the problem of shoulder emptying of biased load-carrying tires. For example: combined with sulfur, vulcanization accelerator MPMCZ or TMTD as initiator, vulcanized rubber diene vulcanized rubber (natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, butadiene rubber, generated isoprene vulcanized rubber) can increase embrittlement time, reduce heat High temperature, high tensile and compressive strength, high resistance to reversion of vulcanized rubber, etc. In addition, it can increase H extraction. The amount of high-temperature vulcanized rubber (183 °C) suitable for vulcanized rubber is 2-3phr. It is suitable for large and medium-sized tires and thicker types. Increase crafts. As a vulcanization accelerator for neoprene, it can significantly improve the anti-embrittlement properties of the mixed rubber. 5. The auxiliary vulcanizing agent is used as the auxiliary vulcanizing agent for the peroxide vulcanized rubber body of various vulcanized rubbers, especially in the whole process of NBR, ethylene-propylene rubber and its vulcanized rubber and the peroxide vulcanized rubber of the body. Low shrinkage deformation, faster vulcanized rubber seals and plastic pellets that are resistant to high temperature gas embrittlement. For example, in NBR, when the dosage is 1.5phr, the permanent shrinkage deformation is only 3-8%, which cannot be achieved by using other co-vulcanizing agents. In neoprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene vulcanized rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, nitrile butadiene rubber, isoprene vulcanized rubber, butyl rubber, bromobutyl rubber, acrylic resin vulcanized rubber, silicone and rubber and plastic products and special rubber such as rubber As an auxiliary vulcanizing agent, it can significantly improve the relationship characteristics, improve temperature resistance, suitable for high-temperature vulcanized rubber seals management system, reduce and reduce permanent deformation is very significant, and can also reduce the amount of peroxide used to avoid plastic particles in the production process. The brittleness of plastic pellets and cords and metal materials are improved, and the compressive strength of the adhesive.
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