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by:ORK      2020-08-02
Seals is to prevent liquid or solid particles from leakage between adjacent joint surface, and prevent the impurities such as dust and moisture into the inside of the machine equipment material components or parts. Below is the seal installation and storage precautions: 1, the skeleton from the tight rubber seals oil seal installation considerations ( 1) Before installation of oil seal, it is necessary to check whether the journal surface is too rough, with or without scar, especially with skull axial long scars. If too rough surface of the journal, is easy to damage the oil seal or accelerated wear lip is 1:3, undermine its sealing performance. If the journal surface due to improper disassembling blunt wounds, serious can make oil seal lip and shaft neck surface joint is lax, cause the oil leakage. The above two situations, can again after the scar of surfacing welding in accordance with the provisions on the shaft neck size of lathe car round, or change the new shaft. If the journal only metal burrs or shaft head flash, etc. , the available file grinding smooth, in case of hurt when you install oil seal oil seal lip. ( 2) Check whether there is any broken on oil seal lip, injury or oil corrosion, if you have these bad phenomenon, a new oil seal should be replaced. ( 3) Installing a skeleton oil seal, oil seal lip to prevent damaged by tensile deformation or scratches, using special installation tool. Without this tool, available to play for installation: first in shaft neck and shaft head and roll on a transparent layer of hard plastic ( Commonly known as cellophane) , with a little oil on the surface, the oil seal set into the shaft head with plastic film, firstly will slowly push oil seal to the journal, and then take out the plastic. Note: may not be the wrong direction of the lip, should make it toward the storage to have oil inside, a trademark, specifications side towards the outside. For if lip 1:3 only one-way seal, seal upside, certainly will cause the oil leakage, sealing function abate or failure. To avoid the oil seal loaded askew or use hammer rod tools such as knocking down in the surface of oil seal, otherwise easy to cause injuries to make oil seal. ( 4) During the installation process, should maintain oil seal ( Especially the lip area) And shaft neck clean, and pay attention not to make oil seal since the spring out of spring slots. If the spring is flabby, elastic force is abate, visual conditions cut one piece, the two end the firm can continue to use. 2, the installation of rubber resistance hydrosphere considerations of cylinder liner of hydrosphere as a & other; O” Cross section shape rubber parts to be rounded, compared with skeleton oil seal, simple structure, both frameless, nor since the spring, relying on its suppleness and elasticity of rubber airtight. If improperly installed, can make the jacket in a large number of cooling water leaking into the crankcase, causing oil metamorphism, lubrication quality, increased engine wear of moving parts, and even produce the major fault, such as tile burning holding shaft so when installing resistance hydrosphere should pay attention to the following items: ( 1) If the resistance is hydrosphere carefully or cylinder liner water seal groove is too deep, make the resistance hydrosphere load cylinder liner water seal tank after failed to curved surface above a certain height, at this point, can be in the bottom of the water seal tank and put a layer of asbestos rope, coated with water resistant calcium base grease, then block water trap into the water seal tank and then put the liner pressure people body hole. ( 2) If resistance hydrosphere is too thick or cylinder liner water seal tank is too shallow, curved surface too much higher resistance hydrosphere after loading, the liner installation difficulties, not only will be crushed with rubber seals seal even smash cylinder liner, emery cloth uniform grinding rubber seal are available, and until it is put into a water seal tank after right projection. Then in the rubber ring surface coated with grease, can press cylinder liner into the body hole. ( 3) If resistance hydrosphere thickness uneven or water seal tank two-tone, rubber ring the bulging height not divide evenly, with the cylinder liner is a question of rubber ring, should be carefully checked and the problem of water seal tank, there will be problems of parts replaced. ( 4) The rubber block water trap into the cylinder liner water seal tank before, rubber seals ring and water seal tank should be clean, and avoid impurity dirt into in the installation. After the rubber ring is installed on the cylinder liner, carefully check whether there is the phenomenon such as twist Ning groove. Carefully before the installation of cylinder liner, clear the dirt on the cylinder body, and the bearing hole of the coating layer on the surface of the oil, then liner slowly pressure bearing hole. 2 for the time being, need not when, seal properly keep 1, prevent aging: should avoid light, moisture and smooth place, away from heat and cold source; 2, don't put pressure on: keep the seal natural relaxation state, without external force to change its physical shape; 3, classification mark: ( The same appearance, different materials, the use of parts and applicable standards, purchase date, etc. )
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