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The sealing performance of the car sunroof is very important, and daily maintenance is the key

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Recently, as the temperature rises, many young car owners prefer to install sunroofs on their vehicles; although a sunroof can better enjoy the changes of summer atmosphere, comfort is of course important. However, the sunroof is good, but if the modified sunroof is not qualified, it is prone to water leakage. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer's original sunroof has taken into account the overall coordination and compatibility of the vehicle at the beginning of its design, which means that it will avoid water leakage and jamming, but it is not the original one that is the best. There is no doubt about that. However, there are always vehicles without sunroofs, and friends who like to view the scenery hope to install sunroofs. Classification of car sunroof The sunroof is installed on the roof, which can effectively circulate the air in the car, increase the entry of fresh air, and bring healthy and comfortable enjoyment to the car owner. The car sunroof has changed the traditional form of ventilation, and the wind blows in to form an airflow, which draws out the stagnant air in the cabin. When the car is driving at high speed, the air flows rapidly from the surrounding of the car. When the sunroof is opened, a negative pressure area is formed outside the car. Due to the difference in air pressure inside and outside the car, the dirty air in the car can be extracted to achieve ventilation. The purpose is to keep the fresh air in the car at all times, so that you can feel the pleasure of driving. At the same time, the car window can also broaden the field of vision, and is also often used for the shooting needs of mobile photography. Car sunroofs can be roughly divided into: external sliding type, built-in type, internal hidden-everything type, panoramic type and curtain type. Mainly installed on commercial SUVs, cars and other models. Matters needing attention when refitting the sunroof We all know that the current automobile manufacturing is a one-time forming machine stamping technology, and the body strength is formed by one-time stamping, and then the rear window needs to be cut first. It is a kind of loss. In addition, the selected sunroof size does not match (too large), and there are problems in the installation process. 1. When choosing sunroof products, you must consider the body layout of your own vehicle and install sunroofs reasonably; 2. When choosing sunroof products, you should choose high-quality sunroof products as much as possible (some inferior products do not have safety in themselves), A good sunroof product has fully taken into account the structural strength of the body, so it adopts a frame structure to strengthen the structural strength of the roof. And on some models of sunroofs, steel frame supports have been added for added strength. 3. In the event of an accident and collision, whether the roof has a corresponding safety factor after installing a sunroof, some sunroofs imported from abroad have done enough homework in the selection of glass materials. In terms of tempering effect and thickness, the glass used in the sunroof is stronger than the glass in the vehicle itself. In case of breaking, the sunroof glass will be broken into small round particles without acute angles, which will not cause any harm to people. 4. The sealing performance of the sunroof, I mentioned before that the sunroof leaks. In fact, many times it is not a problem with the installation. It may also be the aging of the sunroof caused by the lack of maintenance in daily use. At present, China does not have perfect laws and regulations to supervise and detect the quality problems of sunroofs, and some will have“Birth defects”, so you need to carefully screen when purchasing. Daily maintenance of sunroofs Daily maintenance of sunroofs is very important. This is mainly because when 4S shops or maintenance shops carry out vehicle maintenance, most of them will ignore the maintenance and maintenance of sunroofs. Over time, sunroofs are prone to various problems. 1. You can use finer talcum powder frequently, which can prolong the service life of the sealing ring. The moving part of the sunroof is made of low-maintenance materials. The mechanical part should be cleaned with oil or lubricant regularly, and it is recommended to clean it every two months. 2. After the skylight has been used for a long time, there will generally be a lot of sand deposits in its slide rails and gaps. If it is not cleaned regularly, the skylight components will be worn. The surrounding of the slide rail should be cleaned frequently to avoid sand deposition and prolong the service life of the sunroof seal. Generally, when using for 2 to 3 months, clean the sealant strip or slide rail with gauze dipped in cleaning water, and apply a little oil or butter after wiping it clean. 3. Before opening the sunroof, pay attention to whether there are obstacles on the roof that hinder the operation of the glass panel. The sunroof panel is designed to insulate heat energy and prevent ultraviolet rays. Please clean it with a soft cloth and detergent, not with viscous detergent. 4. The biggest concern of using skylights is rain and water leakage. Correct use and maintenance of skylights can effectively avoid water leakage. Before entering the rainy season, in addition to cleaning the sand and dust in the gaps of the slide rails and sealing strips, you should also spray a little plastic protective agent or talcum powder on the sealing strips and other components. 5. In winter, after snow or after washing the car, the sunroof glass and the sealant frame may be frozen. At this time, if the sunroof is forcibly opened, it is easy to damage the sunroof motor and rubber seals sealing strip. The correct way is to open the sunroof after snow or after washing the car, and dry the residual moisture on the edge. 6. On extremely bumpy roads, it is best not to open the sunroof completely, otherwise the sunroof company website:
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