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The sealing ring manufacturer tells you how to apply and store the vulcanized rubber sealing ring?

by:ORK      2022-10-24
You should master the efficacy of vulcanized rubber seals sooner than others. O ring manufactures are used for hydraulic and pneumatic control valves and their various industrial equipment and components, under the required working pressure, temperature and different liquid and vapor substances, under static data or moving standards. . All of these people should know the difference, but do you know how to get the O-ring to its full potential as quickly as possible? First, we should understand that O-rings are generally not reusable. Secondly, when the O-ring is installed in the concave groove, care should be taken not to distort the O-ring, and the sealing substance should be coated on the concave groove and the O-ring. Another point is that when vulcanized rubber O-rings are not used, we should try not to open the initial packaging of the O-rings as much as possible to prevent dust or dirt from damaging the O-rings. If the O-ring is to be stored, avoid sunlight or place it around a high temperature pyrogen (such as a heating furnace) to avoid premature embrittlement of the O-ring. It should be noted that in the whole process of storage, the O-ring will sometimes fade, that is, white powder will be produced on the surface of the O-ring. But don't worry, this is not likely to cause a mildew hazard to the action of the O-ring. Sealing ring manufacturers Storage standards for vulcanized rubber O-rings O-rings may be rendered ineffective by their physics and transformation of physical properties. Basic requirements for storage, cleaning and maintenance of rubber products. 1: Temperature: 5-25℃ is the ideal storage temperature. Avoid contact with heat and the sun. Hydraulic seals removed from cryogenic storage should be placed in a natural environment of 20°C prior to application. Ambient humidity 2: The air humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70% to avoid excessive humidity or excessive dryness and suspicion. 3: Lighting fixtures: Avoid the sun and strong artificial service light sources with ultraviolet light. Supply and demand for UV-blocking bags balances the best maintenance. Think of warehouse windows with red or orange paint or plastic wrap. Radiation source: avoid electromagnetic wave radiation damage to hydraulic seals. CO2 and active oxygen: Vulcanized rubber materials should avoid exposure to circulating air. This can be done through packaging, rewinding, storage in air-tight containers, or other suitable means. Active oxygen is harmful to most polyurethane elastomers. The following machinery and equipment should be avoided in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamps, high-voltage electrical equipment, electric motors and other machinery and equipment. Deformation: Vulcanized rubber seals components should be placed at will to avoid stretching, shrinking or other deformations. Contact with liquid or semi-solid materials: active solvent coatings, oils, vegetable fats or other semi-solid materials. It is not allowed to touch metal materials or non-metal materials: magnetic materials, pig iron, copper and aluminum alloys or materials that may destroy vulcanized rubber. Polyethylene materials should not be used to package hydraulic seals. Hydraulic seals of different materials should not be mixed. Cleaning: If necessary, soap and water can be used to clean hydraulic seals. However, water is not allowed to touch chemical fiber-enhanced hydraulic seals, vulcanized rubber seals-metal material bonded hydraulic seals, and gold material hydraulic seals. Disinfectants, solvents and sharp objects should not be used. The airtightness after cleaning should be dry at room temperature and should not be close to the pyrogen.
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