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The selection of the sealing ring also has a certain effect on the leakage

by:ORK      2022-11-16
Our basic requirements for seals are good sealing, long life and low cost. However, in actual use, many sealing rings are relatively easy to damage, causing leakage. So we tried to improve the sealing performance of the sealing ring from all aspects, from the design aspect, from the production process aspect, and from the material aspect. Through research, we found that the material selection of the sealing ring is very important. Under the same working conditions, different materials will have different sealing effects. Therefore, when selecting the material of the sealing ring, we must require the material to meet the sealing performance requirements of the seal. Materials with the following characteristics are suitable sealing materials: 1. The material has good compactness and is not easy to leak; 2. It has appropriate mechanical strength and hardness; 3. It does not soften or decompose at high temperature, and it does not harden or become brittle at low temperature. 4. Good corrosion resistance; 5. Small friction coefficient and good wear resistance; 6. Cheap price and easy to obtain materials. Only when the material of the seal is selected correctly, can the probability of damage to the sealing ring be reduced during use, and the probability of leakage of the sealing ring can also be reduced. Company website:
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