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The shrinking of the O-ring of the fluororubber sealing ring is not the more the better

by:ORK      2022-11-04
Fluorine rubber seals sealing ring is an annular cover composed of one or more parts, which is fixed on one ring or sealing ring of a rolling bearing and touches another ring or sealing ring or produces a narrow mystery gap to avoid lubrication Fat exposure and foreign body invasion. The fluororubber sealing ring is a sealing ring made of a prepolymer of vinyl chloride and hexafluoropropylene. Fluoropolyurethane elastomers are prepolymers of vinyl chloride and hexafluoropropylene. According to its molecular formula and fluorine composition, the acid resistance and cold resistance of fluoropolyurethane elastomers are also different. , weather resistance, air oxidation resistance, mineral oil resistance, light fuel oil resistance, gear oil resistance, alicyclic resistance and many solvents and organic chemicals. For general-purpose models, the application temperature under packing seal is limited to about -26°C (-15°F) to 282°C (450°F), although it can still be used for a short period of time at 295°C, but when the temperature exceeds 282°C , its useful life will be reduced. The most suitable temperature for dynamic sealing is close to -15°C to 280°C. The ultra-low temperature reaches -40°C. The traditional view is that the more O-ring hydraulic seal is extruded (that is, the deformation is relative to its“Extrusion”case), the tighter the seal. More extrusion molding is equivalent to O ring manufactures, which interfit with greater force in the middle of the hardware configuration - i.e. liquids, vapors and dry powders that otherwise block the fluidity from the rubber seals product and the interfit hardware configuration. It is subject to extruding a lot but also an O-ring tends to maintain its force (and thus a stronger seal) longer than an O-ring that is extruded less. Polyurethane elastomers do not maintain their“push back”The change in force over time is called shrinkage. Polyurethane elastomers with high shrinkage permanent set (generally in excess of 80%) have not returned to their original unshrunk state when it is not extruded. As everyone knows, it will not always be appropriate to assume that raising the extrusion on the O-ring will result in a stronger seal, depending on other factors. This includes: Installation damage The harder you squeeze the O ring manufactures throughout installation, the more likely you are to pinch them, due to the way leaks cause. It was found when Parker contrasted 2 finite element solid models of the individual behavior of extruded O ring manufactures installed at 40% and 25% for predictive analysis. The shrinkage of the O-ring in the fluororubber sealing ring is not as much as 40%, it is inevitable to pinch the O-ring in the middle of the cooperating member, and in 25% of the installation clamping is actually cleared. Breeding hardware configuration failure The relationship is linear between the amount of non-extrusion and the reduced load force necessary to maintain extrusion. In fact, shrinking the load force rise beyond 30% is much faster in extrusion. The O-ring has to be basically 2 and a half times the load force to shrink to 40% than it is to 25%. Such levels of reduced load can collapse or deform lightly or sensitively interacting members. Application Although many independent variables affect the way the sealing ring cooperates and functions, the most important main parameter is the amount of fertilization in extrusion molding. As everyone knows, because this data information shows that extrusion molding itself is affected by many factors in an idealized amount. You can't just assume that a lot is stronger.
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