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The silicone O ring type O sealing ring o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-08
Silicone soft characteristic is known to all, resilience, so common in our life why not deformation of silicone? O-rings we are common in the industry, the influence of deformation condition for a mechanical equipment related major, in the midst of silica gel products factory production inspection and performance test of semi-finished products is particularly important, small make up to you to science once the deflection of the silicone O sealing ring. Silicone O sealing ring is belong to silicone rubber material in the synthetic rubber, it belongs to a kind of viscoelastic stronger solid silica gel, also is not to say that the silicone permanent will not deformation, if deformation occurs on braced for a long time do not rebound, his main deformation is determined by material hardness of the silicone rubber seals products, the soft material deformation of the small and affect the deflection of the silicone O sealing ring basically has the following several ways: 1, the long-term work lead to permanent deformation, use for a long time under the condition of high pressure, under the condition of high pressure for material hard products better easy to deformation. 2, the influence of tensile rate, the product of hard softness to decide, general silicone rubber of the highest winning percentage can reach 300% to 600% ( Soft material) , but in the use process of overstretch will directly lead to deformation and loss of permanent deformation of tensile strength, so you should don't overdo it stretched in the using process, regardless of industrial products, supplies or silicone accessories are the same. 3, temperature influence, a wet place, when the work of silicone rubber seals products, under the condition of high temperature and wet use process, stretching, gradually will be out of shape, but as the temperature adaptation and fall can also lead to the silicone products slight deformation. So whether it's on the industrial application of accessories, sealing products, in addition to human behavior as far as possible don't let the silicone o-rings stretching for a long time. The above is the reason why silicone o-rings product deformation, want to know more information about sealing ring, can call the service hotline: articles from the official website, reprint please indicate the source
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