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The silicone o-rings

by:ORK      2020-07-08
Silicone o-rings all sorts of goods manufacturing industry requirements is widespread in the major manufacturing industries, and solid-state drives steam pressure processing technology in organic silicon material manufacturing industry occupies 50%, demand is very big also can say to SSD forming process, it can ensure the height of different strength of materials, and the strength of the hard and soft also harm the normal application of the goods, some of the silicone rubber in life must high toughness material, usually with silicone o-rings for high toughness is condition of the goods some problems will become the people care about application of the topic to discuss. High toughness in the silicone o ring manufacturer manufacturing industry technical standards, is indeed a entity must first look at the development of grinding tool design structure is the harm of vulcanized rubber goods is it must, next abrasive exhaust slot is a drawing ready yet? And the key is a high toughness goods for your application needs to consider? Some customers are often willing to 60 degrees up and down, but the points not clear silicone o-rings intensity level of hard and soft only guess, so choose the strength of 70, 80, after the damage of the role of the normal application, materials and some friends willing to 90 degrees, but verbally that must be only 70 degrees, 80 degrees, the abrasive strength of silicone rubber after opening out of provisions, so master hard flexibility are key commodities, the flexibility of silicone rubber hard often divided into & plusmn; 5 degrees and not & plusmn; 1 are the sake of it. For high toughness silicone o-rings must be in the process of machining time is reduced, the temperature decrease, as far as possible, reduce the strength of its production and processing, the real strength of preservation, if the vulcanized rubber time is too long, the seal ring you must be very crisp, very easy to tear, and the application, when they have to pay more attention to the torn edges when your temperature is too high commodity risk will increase, the aging rate will gradually improve. If you need a custom rubber seals parts, oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber products, please find us
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