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The silicone products of color matching and color how to deal with?

by:ORK      2020-07-07
Because some of the features of silica gel article itself, it has been widely applied in many areas, and even appeared in some industrial machinery. It has various colors and was deeply loved by users. This is mainly in terms of color matching and color, and good operation. In order to meet the users demand for color. Silicone rubber sealing strip factory match colors method of rubber and silicone rubber products, according to the target color analysis, which color? According to the color of choice, how much is the weight of each color mother? According to the analysis results, the initial color formula, color matching and according to the formula. After finish color match, we need to target color staining, and analysis the difference between the actual color and the target color. If the actual color and the differences between the target is too big, need according to the color on the color difference in the direction of the reference table stamper. Continue to deploy matching relations, added to each record in the mixed color masterbatch and components, until the actual color is very close to the target, summarize and record matching formula. Silicone rubber sealing strip manufacturers, organic silicon products color in the color box should to operator rich work experience and good color resolution. They must be familiar with the flexible use of various kinds of color masterpiece. And the whole process must be based on color from light to dark slowly changing, every color need to record the corresponding digital data. Before the actual color close to the target color, it is necessary to summarize and record the color matching the color of the formula. Mainly engaged in high polymer wear-resisting material, nitrile rubber seals, silicone, fluorine rubber, natural rubber, neoprene, rubber seal products such as research and development, production; According to the customer demand design suitable products.
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