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The silicone products of silicone rubber products

by:ORK      2020-07-07
At present there are a lot of articles for daily use in silicone rubber seals products industry, and gum of silicone with other kinds of different compound composition is different, it is mainly including have a plenty of white carbon black, silicon resin, silicon oil and mixing vulcanizing agent and color glue the added material does not contain harmful compounds. And silicone material or pure in certain false material, such as silicone products manufacturer in order to save cost of raw materials with low cost, raw material suppliers to improve catalyst efficiency and so on. So here small make up will take you know about the silicone products material to discern between true and false practical method. 1, color: silicon rubber products can be deployment of a variety of different color can be according to the general international color number to allocate, so from a color simply don't see what's the difference between above plus more appearance after processing without any defects, but the main is stretching to see rebound will appear the phenomenon of white or light, if you have that material may belong to the ordinary material! 2: hand feel is very important, silicone rubber seals products both tensile, rebound, deformation and strength and toughness is very important, if achieve the above several performance is the basic quality of material 3, flame burning: this method is very effective, general and high grade silicone material after combustion and other rubber seals products, open up the white smoke, the product surface after burning will appear white mist phenomenon, completely destroyed after the last white powder, completely colorless, tasteless, and different material will appear yellow at the end of the dark residue. So! When you can't identify your hand silica gel products is belong to the real thing might as well try several methods available, if you need good custom silicone products, can call 24 h hotline: articles from ( http://www。 netdsd。 com) , reprint please indicate the source
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