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The silicone seal

by:ORK      2020-07-06
Silicone seal because of its environmental protection, and the temperature range is wide, can be in - 60 degrees to + 200 degrees temperature range use for a long time, so more and more widely used, such as lunch boxes, cups, rice cookers, water dispenser, heat preservation box, incubator, oven, coffee POTS and other daily necessities waterproof sealing, so the silicone sealing ring have what are the advantages and disadvantages of? One, the advantages of the silicone seal rubber seals 1, sealed performance is good, not waterproof, environmental non-toxic; 2, can be heated to buy Gao Qiangwen, changeless form, do not produce harmful substances; 3, good tensile resistance performance; 4, the long-term use of the same yellow do not fade; 5, corona resistance, arc resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good ageing resistance, high temperature resistant performance; 6, heat resistant performance is good, the silicone sealing ring can be in 150 & deg; ℃ under the long-term use without performance change, can be continuous use under 200 ℃, 10000 hours, under 250 ℃ can also use short; 7, the silicone seal good cold resistance, normally ordinary rubber & ndash; 20℃本; 30 ℃, and the silicone sealing ring are & ndash; 50℃本; 60 ℃ still has good elasticity, some special low temperature resistant silica gel can withstand low temperatures. Second, the shortcomings of the silicone seal rubber seal silicone seal oil resistant, does not apply to most of the shrinkage of solvents, oil, thick thick shrink acid and sodium hydroxide after dilution. This article reprinted finishing: rubber seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber seals products,
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