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The silicone seal common classification have?

by:ORK      2020-08-04
Silicone seal due to the environmental protection no pollution, good appearance, and has good resistance to high and low temperature performance, so both in the industrial workers and more and more widely used in our daily life, the silicone seal the classification of common what then? Silicone seal depending on the molding process can be divided into the following categories: 1, mold the silicone seal moulded silicone seal is usually by high temperature will die by pressure on the vulcanization machine, high temperature sulfur into solidification molding, molded silicone hardness is usually in 30 & deg; C - 70° C。 Mould shape determines the shape of the silica gel seal, molded silicone products is one of the currently used more widely. Not only used in all kinds of seal, but also widely used in industrial components, such as button, silicone bracelet, silicone kitchenware, silicone gasket, and so on. 2, extruding silicone seal extrusion silicone seal is usually by extrusion of silicone extrusion molding machine, generally extruding silicone strip shape, the tube can be cut at random, but the shape of the extruding silicone have limitations, but the delivery of high efficiency and low tooling cost, are widely used at present. 3, liquid silicone seal liquid silicone seal is by silica gel injection plastic injection molding, products, soft hardness can reach 10 & deg; C - 40° C, because of its soft features of simulation in human organs, medical silicone breast pad, such as widely used. 4, special products special silicone seal is according to the chemical properties of the silicone or add some auxiliary materials, special silicone products can also be with high temperature resistant, Up to 330 degrees c) Levels, food, medical, flame retardant, by adding auxiliary raw material can also have luminous, negative ions, discoloration, etc. Different types of silicone seal has an irreplaceable role, before decided to use which type, the first thing to understand the product structure and the working condition, different cases choose different types, in order to achieve good sealing effect. 18 years seal factory, it can customize according to customer requirements to provide one-stop service, welcome consultation: if you have any more questions.
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