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The silicone seal ring

by:ORK      2020-08-04
Contemporary household life, various kinds of household appliances, articles for daily use have silica gel seal, such as: crisper, rice cookers, water dispenser, lunch boxes, insulation boxes, incubator, water cup, ovens, magnetic cup, coffee pot etc. , its main effect for the waterproof sealing and preservation. Below and & other Seal & throughout; Take a look at the silicone seal. One, good preservation effect can make food or other items need to be fresh to get very good to keep the fresh degree function, and it also does not produce any harmful material, this product belongs to the completely non-toxic harmless green healthy environmental protection of a product. Second, waterproof silicone seal it has extremely good sealing performance, can be completely sealed, won't make a drop of water into the sealed space inside. Three characteristics, the silicone seal ability to adapt to the environment is very strong, placing it on the temperature after heating, is a good way to keep its original shape and the state, be totally not deformation, under high temperature environment will not produce any harmful substances. Has the very good tensile resistance performance, can do not fracture under the very strong pulling force, the effect of the deformation. Under long time use, the color will not have any change, will not yellow, also will not fade. Have very good corona resistance, arc resistance and resistance to high temperature and low temperature. Above is the silicone seal of the relevant information, if you need custom seals, 24 h online service hotline: can call, 18 years experience in custom satisfactory seal for you
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