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The silicone seal rubber seal ring

by:ORK      2020-07-06
Sealing ring above all not to be ignored in any field are now, on to the aerospace defense industry down to the bottom building, so in the use of folk sealing ring is not let a person feel surprise, and curious is rubber or silicone, speculation about the material of the product. But really began gradually replaced by silica gel material, rubber so many amateur friends think the silicone seal performance estimation can not meet the desired effect, then today we explain function and advantage of silicone products in the field of seal! All know rubber contact for a long time may bring harm to body, and a lot of electronic products, household items may need to be sealed, then USES the rubber seals seal may pose a threat to human body, and the only difference is the silica gel materials and rubber material in any environment can achieve no reaction to change, not conflict with any material, so the benefits of using silica gel material is here, on the other hand on the product of the soft tenacity and appearance color can do more comprehensive than rubber! On precision level, a lot of precision electronic components and small mechanical seals may be for the product accuracy is higher, so small silicone seal custom might need size tolerance requirement, although the silicone manufacturer production mold precision degree may not be very big difference, but the silica gel, it has certain physical inertia, the smaller the products in addition to the problem on the mould, the silicone raw materials to products will be more fine precision. Currently on the market of precision silicone ring can reach 0. 5 mm in diameter, in view of the mold, may need to use more sophisticated CNC machining. Many industrial rubber seals seal products gradually replaced by silicone material, the main reason is that it has a better flexibility, even under the different temperature environment can be normal use, toughness, pull to rise above the rebound strength, can be divided into different types of material, there are ordinary tensile and high pure raw materials, different rubber seals sealing effect differently according to different areas, and basically is to see your product's role in the field of what, different functions can also be used different ways of seal! 18 years experience for your customized suitable seal, seal for your service, the national free service hotline:
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