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by:ORK      2020-07-06
Seals use range is wide, many industries need to use, is mainly used to prevent leakage, prevent moisture, dust and all kinds of oil immersed, but for a different work environment by selection of seal material is different, the silicone sealing and fluorine rubber seal is commonly used in addition to the butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber material, so the two each have what advantage? seal manufacturer to answer for you. 1, the silica gel seal ring has good resistance to high and low temperature performance, in the rubber sealing ring material has a wide working temperature range. Has good resistance to ozone, oxygen, light and weather resistance, aging resistance performance. General silicone rubber for low concentration of acid, alkali resistance of patience to a certain extent, such as ethanol, ketone of flash media also have very good patience. Special fluorine silicone rubber has excellent oil resistance, solvent resistance. 2, fluorine rubber seals seal the heat-resisting performance can be comparable to silicone rubber, can be in 250 & deg; C under long-term work, short time can be resistant to 300 & deg; C high temperature. Good corrosion resistance, is one of the characteristics of fluorine rubber, properties of fuel oil, hydraulic oil, organic solvents, strong acid, strong action such as bismuth, agents have stability and better than the other kinds of rubber, but the variety also have differences, such as fuel oil, hydraulic oil cylinder and double ester, silicate ester lubricant and boiling water medium, such as environment 23 type fluorine rubber performance than 26 type fluorine rubber for the poor. Formula of the compound also have an impact on performance, such as peroxide vulcanization system products than ammonia, phenol vulcanization system products has better performance of hot water. For now, most of the sealing ring belong to non-standard, when choosing sealing ring material need different conditions combined with the characteristics of the material and choose the suitable. Seal of 17 years of experience in research and development design, professional custom not suitable sealing ring, if you have any questions on the material, welcome your consultation.
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