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The silicone sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-05
How to choose a fixed has been plagued by silica gel seal you decorate. seal products co. , Ruichen Sealing. , specializing in the production of all kinds of seals, rubber seals seals, silicone seals, small make up today and we discuss the fixed method of the silica gel sealing strip first when decorating, if you want to dismantle the doors and Windows, in the process of demolition could damage the wall, so the doors and Windows to follow change first, and then on to the next step of decoration. Renovation mainly make sure good profile. And the stand or fall of material will decide the class of the doors and Windows, sealing and practical problems such as aging, so material purchase need careful, go here. Second, when the choose and buy, must go to normal building materials market, roadside stall simple processing equipment, cannot guarantee the accuracy and strength. Plastic steel door and window, in particular, they make the steel door and window liner steel is inferior, do not have line steel even, other fittings are very poor. Third, the appearance of the model steel window color should be blue and white. Color is white or grey, showed that the stability of the material composition is not enough, easy to aging and aging yellow. Fourth, the lower part of the sliding window frame for aluminum plate, easy to change. Fifth, the window of the sliding window seal shall be fixed in the middle, it is the key to the quality of push-pull window seal. Sixth, flat open Windows sealing tape should be free to change, because the sealing strip is shorter than form. Seventh, in the process of installation of silicone seal, to monitor doors and Windows of horizontal and vertical correction. Window frames and walls are filled with styrofoam, window frame lateral must use silicone or sealants seal, prevent water penetration. After installation, must dismantle the protective film, otherwise will reduce the service life of the doors and Windows. If you need a custom rubber seal products: oil seal, o-rings, miscellaneous pieces, and other rubber seals products, please find us
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