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The silicone sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-05
Aging resistance of EPDM / / extrusion sealing strip is made of rubber production sealing strip. Mainly used in automobiles, machinery, doors and Windows, and other fields, dust, insects, waterproof, fixed, sound insulation, shock absorption, seal, etc. sealing strip can be used on the basis of cross-section shape and methods of sulfide, place and purpose, the use of materials, etc. Several methods to classify. According to the method of sulfide ( 1) The continuous vulcanization method ( After extruding bar according to certain length cutting, into the vulcanizing tank sulfide, extrusion strip of semi-finished products to be included in the model of sulfide) ; ( 2) Continuous vulcanization method ( Microwave continuous vulcanization method, salt bath continuous vulcanization method, the hot air continuous sulfur method, several methods such as) 。 一个。 Microwave continuous vulcanization rubber sealing strip: microwave vulcanization technology is a foreign energy crisis in the 1970 s after the application and production technology spread widely. With microwave continuous vulcanization technology can produce not only by the metal core, solid core, rubber and sponge rubber compound strip, a variety of materials and, in terms of energy saving, improve the work efficiency than other device for the continuous vulcanization method. This technology is the world recognized good process method for producing the product. The characteristics of microwave heating is the heat produced in the heated object directly, rather than like a regular input from outside, this not only fast heating, and uniform distribution, to improve product quality and shorten the heating time. B。 Continuous vulcanization sealing strip: salt bath salt bath vulcanization systems containing nitrite salt bath, the environmental pollution is bigger, has gradually become obsolete. If you need custom silicone sealing strip products: oil seal, o-rings, seals, rubber products, such as looking for us, please
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