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The silicone sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-05
The silicone sealing strip in the instrument, instrument industry application: organic silicon lead wire ( Electric radiation, coil. Transformer. Transformer. Lead) The refrigerator defrost line. Heating, and so on. All the sensitive element, the regulator of the diaphragm, instruments and heater, acupuncture rubber sheet resistance ( High silicon resin) 。 The silicone sealing strip equipment shock absorbers. Silicone foam color of light. Drying oven. The electric stove. Silica gel door gasket sealing strip far infrared heater, forming. Door sealing AOTEMAKE sponge ( Replace poisonous asbestos sealer) 。 Seal of the boiler. Cooling device of the seal and the silicone hose. Silicone sealing strip color is various, according to the size, color and packing any processing according to customer requirements and production according to the requirements of different industries, has developed a unique car seal, mechanical seal, door and window seals and other products, silicone sealing strip so they are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, lighting, pharmaceutical, chemical, machinery and equipment, textile, chemical fiber, automobile industry, seal. If you need custom silicone sealing strip products: oil seal, o-rings, seals, rubber seals products, such as looking for us, please
Clouds of custom rubber seals failures surround the world of custom rubber seals in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the rubber seals as they should do.
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