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The silicone sealing strip has what characteristics?

by:ORK      2020-07-05
Silicone seals because of its excellent performance, environmental protection, so is more widely used in many rubber material, in addition to this, also has the characteristic which the silicone seal? Seal tell you: 1, the silicone seal sealing performance is good, can fit all kinds of smooth surface material; Article 2, the silicone seal can be back tape adhesive, good sealing, can use high temperature resistant adhesive used for a long time do not fall off; 3, environmental safety, insulation performance is good, high temperature resistant, compression deformation is small, strong resilience, non-toxic; Article 4, foaming silicone seal foam evenly, flexibility is good, no bubble surface porosity. High intensity, long service life, insulation product environmental protection, high and low temperature resistance, compression resistance, acid and alkali resistant anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet radiation; 5, good surface viscosity, permeability is good. 6, high temperature resistant: - A 70 - degree - 300 degrees; 7, heat resistance, heat resistance than ordinary rubber seals silicone seal performance is good, can be used at 150 degrees and no performance change; Can be used for a long time at 200 degrees. Can also use short at 350 degrees. The silicone sealing strip production is simple, high efficiency, cost is lower than the vulcanization molding. Different rubber materials have different characteristics, so choosing sealing strip according to the product the structure, working condition and decide, article 17 years professional silicone seal manufacturers, to provide one-stop sealing solution, if there is a seal problem, welcome to ask us:.
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