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The silicone waterproof circle

by:ORK      2020-08-04
Silicone waterproof circle is the use of silicone materials o-rings, it is a kind of silicone products, is a kind of translucent ring products, with gray, light yellow and cream a few kinds of color, strong tensile resistance, waterproof and sealed occasions application very much, it also there are many kinds of models, small make up today will give you detailed introduce what are the characteristics and classification of the silicone waterproof circle. A, silicone waterproof ring features as follows: 1, good insulation, sealing, temperature adaptability and dielectric properties, at the same time more tolerance to temperature, under high temperature and low temperature in all can use, and very little influence of the external environment of the, is the ideal waterproof material. 2, anti-aging, long service life and can be as high as 50 years, the design of the material performance good, hardness is between 30 and seventy, price moderate, if is for weather resistance higher seal, the price will be higher. 3, for neutral solvent has good resistance, but also has good characteristics of cold and heat, erosion of ozone and oxides also have certain resistance. Second, the classification of the silicone waterproof circle is as follows: 1, according to the physical properties, silica gel can be divided into liquid and solid silica gel. The liquid silicone used in extrusion molding products; With solid silica gel used for mould products. 2, according to the performance of different raw materials, can be divided into meteorological silica gel and common silica gel, among them, the ordinary silica gel, also called precipitated silica gel. Its use is more, can make mobile phone keys and conductive adhesive, etc. Meteorological silica, also called the pure silica gel, the color is transparent, there are many kinds of hardness, used to make case, silicone tube high elastic products. Silicone waterproof circle for its features of environmental protection, more and more get the favour of people, if you want to know about the silicone waterproof circle, to understand from the silicone raw materials first, so that it can better to choose products, whether it is used in automobile, or a watch, is very durable. Articles from the official website, reprint please indicate the source ( http://www。 netdsd。 com)
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