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The top priority of quality management of skeleton seal hydraulic seal product manufacturing?

by:ORK      2022-10-27
For the effective application of hydraulic seal products with sealing rings, special attention should be paid to the following: 1. Due to the design scheme and structure of the arc speed ratio, high-speed shafts should use high-speed wear-resistant hydraulic seals, and low-speed hydraulic seals should be used for high-speed shafts. The low-speed oil hydraulic seal product is used for the shaft of the ratio, and the low-speed seal ring cannot be used on the high-speed arc, which is not good for you. 2. When the working temperature is high during work, polypropylene or silicon, fluorine, and silicon fluorine rubber seals should be used. And should find ways to reduce the water temperature in the car's fuel tank. When the application temperature is too low, low temperature resistant vulcanized rubber seals should be used. 3. The normal working pressure of the sealing ring hydraulic seal product has poor bearing capacity, and the sealing ring will be deformed when the working pressure is too large. Under the application standard of excessive working pressure, the breakdown voltage support plate ring or the raised breakdown voltage seal ring hydraulic seal product should be selected. 4. If the axial force of the installed axial force level seal and the shaft is too large, the tightness will be worse, especially when the shaft speed ratio is high. If the axial force is too large, you can choose“W”A sealing ring with a shaped cross section. 5. The surface smoothness of the shaft will immediately endanger the service life of the sealing ring product, that is, the smoothness of the shaft is high, and the service life of the sealing ring will be born. 6. Special attention should be paid to a sufficient amount of grease on the sealing skirt of the sealing ring.
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